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We are Finally Underway aboard Westward

a boat on the water

We left the dock in Port Townsend at 2200 Monday night (Dec. 23rd), and just passed Dungeness Spit off of Squim.

Everything is running fine and we hope to be in San Diego on January 3rd.

We will spend 2 days there before continuing on to La Paz, Baja California Sur, where we will begin our winter season in the Sea Of Cortez.

Many thanks to Cunnigham and Stringham Ships Carpentry for their amazing work on Westward and for pushing hard to help usĀ get away on time.

Also thanks to Barry Stephens of Stephens Marine who fixed and built several different parts and pieces that we needed for the season. And for staying up past his bed time to help us transfer cars into the storage yard.