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Gourmet Food

Expertly prepared from locally sourced,
fresh ingredients

Food is an important part of what we offer aboard Catalyst & Westward. We believe that it helps create the strong spirit of community that we actively cultivate on our vessels. Prepared from fresh ingredients, purchased locally from Alaskan, San Juan, and Mexican farmers and fishers, we do our best to avoid processed foods. Instead, we use as many organic ingredients as possible.  We embrace the idea of eating locally and using green practices whenever possible.

Our Chefs

Tracie Triolo Westward & Catalyst Chef, Captain 100 Ton Masters, 200 Ton Mate, First Aid, CPR

Tracie grew up in Boulder Colorado where she developed a passion for food, music and the outdoors. She began working at an early age in her family’s restaurant and spent most of her spare time, playing music, skiing, backpacking, and refining her backcountry cooking skills.

Her summers were spent in a remote cabin on a large lake in northern Wisconsin, where boating, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and harvesting wild edibles consumed most of the long days. She received her culinary arts degree through the New School for Social Research from the New York Restaurant School in Manhattan. She worked in many upscale restaurants, as chef Garde Manager for Fairmont Hotels and as a restaurant chef for the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco before finding this life of living and cooking on these beautiful classic yachts year-round in Alaska, the San Juan islands and Baja.

When she last lived on land, it was in Mendocino County California and worked on the catalyst in Alaska during the summer months. During the school year, she would teach woodwinds at the Ukiah School of Music and played piccolo and flute with local symphony orchestras and Baritone Saxophone in jazz and funk bands. Tracie used cooking on charter boats as an excuse to return to southeast Alaska every summer and the money earned to support her decadent musician lifestyle the rest of the year. Now that we’ve added a winter season in Baja she works with us year round.

Jada Nye Catalyst Chef

Jada’s hometown of Asheville is located in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina known for its natural beauty, biodiversity, and a “slow food” culture that makes the city a vibrant destination. Formative summers were spent boating and fishing with her family in the Florida Keys and numerous lakes of the Carolinas along with plenty of camping and hiking. Bountiful harvests of forest mushrooms and wild edibles as well as local and homegrown produce and meats were keystone inspirations for her food obsession.

Jada comes by her love of cooking naturally and family gatherings always revolve around the kitchen. Her family influences are as diverse as American cuisine including Southern comfort, Hawaiian, Vegan, classic baking, wild foraging and fermenting. While attending college in New York City, Jada experienced a wide variety of cultures and gastronomies from which she also draws inspiration. Her culinary career led her to be Head Chef at a holistic retreat center where she prepared flavorful and diverse meals catering to a wide variety of diets and unique preferences. Her desire for adventure (or maybe kismet) led her to take a position as the chef on a chartered sailboat cruising the San Juan Islands where she fell in love with cooking at sea.

Jada is delighted to be Chef aboard Catalyst, combining her passions for food, travel, nature and boating.

Tristan Marette Westward Chef

Born and raised in France for 18 years, Tristan had a passion for cooking from a very young age. As he grew, he nourished this passion by working in restaurants during his college years in North Dakota. As a bartender, he crafted new drinks and worked on seasonal drink menus. He was quickly drawn to the kitchens, where he was able to express his creativity more fully. At this point, Tristan knew that working with food was going to be his life long journey.

After obtaining his degree, Tristan decided to open a private event catering business with French and Italian influenced menus. Although strongly suited in the aforementioned cuisines, Tristan believes in the “nose to tail” saying, and sourcing from local products — closer is better.

Tristan is passionate about traveling to other countries to feed his curiosity for new flavors, cooking techniques and cultures. Additionally, he finds his peace of mind by being near or on a body of water. Tristan is obsessed with seafood, which is why it made sense for him to join the Pacific Catalyst Team.

Tristan finds that the most meaningful connections with people are through food — sitting around a table breaking bread together.

Galley Gourmet

Filmed by Pattie Logan (, this video tells the story of Tracie Triolo, MV Westward’s Chef, illustrating what it is like to create gourmet food in a small galley. It also shows life aboard during a cruise. Enjoy!



Menus change every trip to accommodate the individual needs and desires of our guests and to utilize the local ingredients that are available at that moment. We base our purchasing decisions on what is fresh and beautiful and not on what is on sale at a giant food distributor. For example, on one trip we had guests from Singapore who really missed Asian food when traveling, and another guest with a nightshade allergy, so menus were created that worked well for all.

To browse through past season’s menus, please visit the 2019 Gourmet Food Archive.