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Gourmet Food

Expertly prepared from locally sourced,
fresh ingredients

Galley Gourmet

Filmed by Pattie Logan (, this video tells the story of Tracie Triolo, MV Westward’s Chef, illustrating what it is like to create gourmet food in a small galley. It also shows life aboard during a cruise. Enjoy!



Menus change every trip to accommodate the individual needs and desires of our guests and to utilize the local ingredients that are available at that moment. We base our purchasing decisions on what is fresh and beautiful and not on what is on sale at a giant food distributor. For example, on one trip we had guests from Singapore who really missed Asian food when traveling, and another guest with a nightshade allergy, so menus were created that worked well for all.

To browse through past season’s menus, please visit the 2019 Gourmet Food Archive.