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The Best of Alaska – From a Guest’s Perspective


One of our guests was so kind to share his blog posts from his Photo Tour with us. Check out the links below to read about his adventures and to see some amazing photos: Alaska at a Civilized Pace Whales! So Many Bears… There are still some open cabins this season, don’t miss out on…

A Quick Update


I finally have a few minutes to post a status report. Catalyst finishes her first trip of her Alaska season tomorrow. She had a well deserved spa retreat for most of the winter. She was massaged and manicured, made over and polished until she gleamed. In the course of her treatments she has had two…

Snorkeling Adventure in Baja

school of fish.

We rolled backwards off the skiff and into the cool waters of the Sea of Cortez. The winter plankton bloom had yet to begin, so the visibility was over fifty feet, good enough for us to clearly see the bottom twenty feet below us. We had chosen to snorkel here, now, because a feeding squadron…