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Baja Reflections

a boat on the water

We just returned from a wonderful trip to the Baja traveling late January into early February. It was a spectacular trip starting with a visit to the Magdalena Lagoons where we encountered the most amazing tolerant and inquisitive mama and baby gray whales. We were so close that there were even opportunities to touch the whales! The rest of the trip was on the Westward, a beautiful historic wooden boat that was extremely comfortable and cozy, but also spacious enough to find some private space if desired. Bill, the captain, is miraculous in his vision and dedication to providing a truly extraordinary experience for his guests. There were many opportunities to kayak, take walks, whale watch, be surrounded by dolphins, view many exotic birds and snorkel with tropical fish and playful sea lions.

Tracie, the chef, provides unbelievably delicious, high end restaurant quality meals. How she manages to find so many fresh and varied ingredients is a sign of her dedication, creativity and passion for the best culinary experience she can provide. And a last tribute to our naturalist Carlos, who is so experienced, knowledgeable and the sweetest guy. He made every experience such a pleasure, plus took such fantastic pictures and videos that captured the beauty and action that were far beyond what our little cameras and phones could manage. Plus he put them all together into a video for us so we can continue to enjoy our memories from one of our best trips ever.

John and Ellen O