Hand crafted, unique small ship cruises: the Inside Passage of SE Alaska, British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, San Juan Islands and the Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico.
Pacific Catalyst
Westward Rebuild

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part II

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(Please see last week’s blog post for Part 1) Obviously monies tentatively budgeted for new upholstery, a sun shade, and possibly replacing the historically inappropriate interior furniture installed in the 1970’s with something more Herreshoff-ian are now, and probably forever,...
Rebuilding the Westward

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventure

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Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventure Part I There comes in the life of every antique boat owner a moment of reckoning. The moment typically arrives when we have lifted our treasured vessel onto the work area of a boat yard with the intention of replacing that one fastening, plank or...

Day’s Edge

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I grew up in a small Southern California beach town, my street ended at the cliff above the ocean. I never really noticed the sunsets while growing up, probably the unending sameness of smog-hazed twilights wasn’t enough to distract me from whatever job I had to finish if I...

Westward Northbound

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Westward is now less than 40 miles south of Ketchikan where we will clear into the US, make a quick pass at the accumulative shopping list and eat lunch with friends. Then it is back out on the afternoon flood with a course laid in for Petersburg. Moving toward Sitka to begin...
Historic Wood Vessel Catalyst

Extended Family

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Among the wonders of owning antique boats is the multi-generational connections that the boats carry with them. I recently had out of town visitors, friends who had traveled with us last summer aboard Catalyst. Catalyst was built by the University of Washington in 1932 to serve...

Ancient Petroglyphs of the Baja Peninsula

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Twenty miles up a rough dirt road we passed through our last gate. Checho, our guide, opened the fence and waited for us to drive through before closing it behind us. Continuing a few meters further he indicated that we were to park. From here we would continue on foot. We were...

The Glory of a Sunrise

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I was busy in the engine room when an orange glow outside the port hole caught my attention. Sunrise! A scattered layer of clouds promised one of unusual intensity, so I downed my tools, cleaned off my hands and climbed the ladder to the deck. Walking up the side deck toward the...

Going Back in Time

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A bit over three hours after leaving the paved road, our four wheel drive truck surged up a steep embankment and stopped in a small corral that was shaded by a few large mesquites. Stepping out of the truck was a step back in time. The wood rail corral was leaning into the...

Westward just completed her second season in the Sea of Cortez

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We are preparing to get underway from La Paz, Baja. Next stop is San Diego on our way to Alaska. It was a wonderful, challenging, exciting and sublime winter in the Sea of Cortez. And now Westward and Catalyst are heading north for Alaska.

Lessons from Captain Scammon

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As I prepared myself for my first Baja charter season I acquired as many writings about the region as possible. From beautiful large format photo journals to intertidal organism identification books to awkward, self-published accounts of personal adventures. As I have read...