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Wooden Boat Magazine

Make sure to pick up the latest edition of Wooden Boat Magazine:

Blame it on WoodenBoat: In May 2000, the cover of WoodenBoat No. 154 caught [Bill] Bailey’s eye. It showed a striking image of Pacific Catalyst floating among Alaska’s ice-strewn inlets. The accompanying article … described a number of wooden vessels that were taking tourists on cruises through the Inside Passage and on into Alaska’s wilderness, including both CATALYST and WESTWARD…. Until Bailey read the article, he hadn’t imagined such a livelihood existed. But once he realized the possibility, he couldn’t forget it. “If it hadn’t been for that article I wouldn’t have bought those vessels,” Bailey says. ~ This is just a wee excerpt from a great article by Bruce Halabisky in the new issue of WB magazine (No. 255, M/A 2017), “WESTWARD and the Way Forward; A classic motoryacht earns her keep.” ~ #WBWestCoastWednesday