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MV Westward Featured in Juneau’s Capital City Weekly


A piece of Southeast history

Almost 100 years later, the 86’ vessel is captained by owner Bill Bailey, and it no longer has harpoon mounts — but the yacht, with only four guest rooms, a guest roster of between eight and 12, a fire crackling in its living room fireplace, and an original diesel engine from 1923, retains an old-world feel.

“It’s a neat, deep connection that goes back a long time,” Bailey said.

In the years it hasn’t visited Alaska, the boat has crossed the Pacific Ocean. It was requisitioned for military use in World War II. It’s spent time at a maritime museum.

In recent years, however, it has returned to Alaska during the summer.

The Westward was built in Washington state on Maury Island at John Martinolich’s shipyard; it was designed by Ted Geary. It was launched in January 1924 and was the first boat “built specifically to convey charter guests in Alaskan waters,” according to the company’s website. It cruised to Alaska that same summer.