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Stormy Weather


After an interesting 12 hours of being slapped about by steep, confused seas, we have lost enough time that we will be forced to hole up somewhere as the next storm moves up the coast.
We are about 15 miles north of Westport, WA, and our speed has risen to 6.5 knots, which is much better than the 3 knots that we were doing most of the day!
The next storm hits the coast Sunday morning, and I don’t want to wait till the last minute to find shelter because once the storm hits the Coast Guard closes the harbors due to surf breaking across their entrances.

At this time it looks like either Newport or Coos Bay Oregon are our best options. I would love to get to Crescent City but at our current speed we wouldn’t arrive there until near midnight Sunday, and by then it will be both dark and closed.

Stay tuned for further developments……