Hand crafted, unique small ship cruises: the Inside Passage of SE Alaska, British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, San Juan Islands and the Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico.
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Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part IV

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(Please blog post for Part 3) Like any major project this one continued to grow and morph until the final accounting of what was done has only a superficial similarity to what was originally planned. The sole reliable element is that it will take longer and cost more than anyone,...
MV Westward Installing the new Keel

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part III

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(Please see last week’s blog post for Part 2) The gentleman who sold me the boat had no idea that the recent work done prior to his Pacific voyage would be in this condition. He and I both assumed that this area of the boat was the one place I didn’t need to worry about, so I...
Westward Rebuild

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part II

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(Please see last week’s blog post for Part 1) Obviously monies tentatively budgeted for new upholstery, a sun shade, and possibly replacing the historically inappropriate interior furniture installed in the 1970’s with something more Herreshoff-ian are now, and probably forever,...

MV Westward Renovations

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A photo gallery of the recently, fully renovated MV Westward.
Rebuilding the Westward

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventure

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Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventure Part I There comes in the life of every antique boat owner a moment of reckoning. The moment typically arrives when we have lifted our treasured vessel onto the work area of a boat yard with the intention of replacing that one fastening, plank or...

Day’s Edge

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I grew up in a small Southern California beach town, my street ended at the cliff above the ocean. I never really noticed the sunsets while growing up, probably the unending sameness of smog-hazed twilights wasn’t enough to distract me from whatever job I had to finish if I...