Hand crafted, unique small ship cruises: the Inside Passage of SE Alaska, British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, San Juan Islands and the Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico.
Pacific Catalyst

Dear Kristin,

Thank you for everything you’ve done to make this trip the experience of a lifetime!

Your warmth, sense of humor, cheerful disposition and vast areas of knowledge have been so appreciated by everybody.

The slideshow is fantastic and we’ve seen how hard you worked to put it together.

You are amazing! Good luck in your travels, your nursery and all your future endeavors.


An Experience of a Lifetime!

Carlos is the “Crocodile Dundee” of Baja. He is tapped in to the culture and considerate of the people we encountered along the way, all who know and trust him. His in-depth knowledge of flora and fauna is staggering. He left his home and family (including newborn son) in La Paz to babysit us on an expedition he had led many times before. Yet, he demonstrated the courtesy, passion and enthusiasm of a professional committed to the highest standards of service. It was a pleasure to share time with Carlos.

Wayne P.

Bill could not have done a better job in organizing and executing all aspects of the trip.

The expertise and passion he demonstrated was incredible. His intimate knowledge of boat operations and flexibility with regard to the schedule was admirable.

We learned so much from Bill and will never forget the wonderful experience we shared.

Wayne H.

We just returned from a wonderful trip to the Baja traveling late January into early February. It was a spectacular trip starting with a visit to the Magdalena Lagoons where we encountered the most amazing tolerant and inquisitive mama and baby gray whales. We were so close that there were even opportunities to touch the whales! The rest of the trip was on the Westward, a beautiful historic wooden boat that was extremely comfortable and cozy, but also spacious enough to find some private space if desired. Bill, the captain, is miraculous in his vision and dedication to providing a truly extraordinary experience for his guests. There were many opportunities to kayak, take walks, whale watch, be surrounded by dolphins, view many exotic birds and snorkel with tropical fish and playful sea lions. Tracie, the chef, provides unbelievably delicious, high end restaurant quality meals. How she manages to find so many fresh and varied ingredients is a sign of her dedication, creativity and passion for the best culinary experience she can provide. And a last tribute to our naturalist Carlos, who is so experienced, knowledgeable and the sweetest guy. He made every experience such a pleasure, plus took such fantastic pictures and videos that captured the beauty and action that were far beyond what our little cameras and phones could manage. Plus he put them all together into a video for us so we can continue to enjoy our memories from one of our best trips ever.

John and Ellen O, Passenger

The trip of a lifetime on a beautiful, classic ship; unbelievable food, knowledgeable naturalist and captain, intimate – everything you could want!

Cathy J., Passenger

See the inside passage closer and more intimate than possible for any large cruise line ship! Great food, great optional activities and good fellowship with fellow cruisers.

Dan Z., Passenger

The charm of yesteryear with the comfort of today. Amazing captain and crew who take you to places the larger cruises can’t go.

Robin V., Passenger

“Our first trip was like being invited into someone’s home. The second trip was like coming home”

Gertrud J., Passenger

“Many thanks for a magical week. It is hard for us to imagine a better Alaskan experience…knowledge, Kindness and humor, wonderful food, general all around goodness…..you four are the best”.

Dick and Jane T., Passenger

“The gifts you give us are profound and come from your heart and soul! Your sense of place, your vision for what you do, and the knowledge that guides us in what we do as modern day explorers is the gift that keeps on giving long after we have left the sea’s embrace!!! A heartfelt thank you for all you do”.

Audrey B., Passenger

“Thanks again to all of you. You work so well together, always willing to pitch in and do whatever is necessary. I have no doubt that a lot of big companies would be in much better shape if they copied you all’s work effort and cooperation”.

Clyde L., Passenger

“We both absolutely loved this trip. Both for Alaska au naturel and for the Catalyst-specific aspects. The combination of intelligent meticulous planning of schedule and the preparedness to ditch schedule in light of what’s happening right now suits us perfectly…………….Aside from our desire that our first trip to Alaska not prove our last, we are very eager to visit Baja California with you”

Doug S. & Kathy L., Passenger

“Last year we enjoyed our trip with you so much that we had to come back and experience Glacier Bay. Once again you have made us feel so welcomed, cared for and guided through an absolutely beautiful portion of our world……….You made excellent choices of what to see, where to stay and how to make a “cruise” into an unforgettable experience. Thank you one and all. We will be back”

Chuck J., Passenger

“Of course you know I love traveling with the Catalyst, since I keep coming back. I can’t think of a better way to travel in this extraordinary part of the world. To venture forth into pristine and exquisite landscapes and then return to this cozy home away from home is the best way to travel that I can think of. You and your crew take such good care of us………I couldn’t ask for more”.

Jean Z., Passenger

Life sometimes takes you somewhere extraordinary. These past ten days traveling slowly down the Inside Passage have become one of the truly special times of my life. I’m taking home a heart and soul full of memories of mountains, fjords and wilderness that will last forever. To be able to experience all of it day after day from the comfort of the Catalyst, has been a real privilege. It’s good to see a beautiful old boat in such good hands. Thank you, Bill, Shannon, Cap and Tracie for turning a ‘trip’ into a lifetime experience, for making the wilderness of the Passage accessible to us and for looking after us so well. Thanks Tracie for the incredible food – a gluten free diet doesn’t have to be second rate after all! You’ve all made this voyage instructive, fascinating – and so much FUN! I’ve never enjoyed a holiday so much, and I leave knowing (my husband and) I have made some good friends. With love and best wishes.

JVO, Passenger

I saw a wilderness and re-found myself. I saw a wilderness and made new friends. I saw a ship, sailed by a master and Captain of his soul. I sailed with folks who are connected to the whole. Thank you so much.

LS, Passenger