Hand crafted, unique small ship cruises: the Inside Passage of SE Alaska, British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, San Juan Islands and the Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico.
Pacific Catalyst

Cabo, Here We Come

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Approaching Cabo San Lucas at dawn, 4 1/2 days out of San Diego. La Paz tomorrow morning. Wind about 10 from the NE, seas under 2′, and the sea water temp is 83 degrees!!!!

Underway towards La Paz

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After about 50 frenetic hours in San Diego we are back underway toward La Paz, Baja California Sur. We should arrive there sometime Saturday, in plenty of time for our first regular trip of the Baja season which sails on November 17th.

Stormy Weather

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After an interesting 12 hours of being slapped about by steep, confused seas, we have lost enough time that we will be forced to hole up somewhere as the next storm moves up the coast. We are about 15 miles north of Westport, WA, and our speed has risen to 6.5 knots, which is...
Baja Bound

MV Westward Heading South

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After waiting for weather to settle, Westward will be leaving Port Townsend tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at the top ot the tide, and beginning our repositioning to La Paz, Baja California. You can follow our progress:  We hope to arrive in San Diego on Wednesday, November...

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part VI – Final Installment

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(Blog post for Part 5) We departed Port Townsend with a crew of three, at 21:45 the night of December 28th. By 10:00 the morning of the 29th we were abeam Tatoosh Island and had turned south for San Diego. Steaming through moderate seas and winds, we were twelve miles west of...

Westward Wins Victoria Classic Boat Festival Awards

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Note: We left Westward heading south down the Pacific Coast, bound for Mexico, on December 28th, 2015. I am interrupting her voyage to catch-up on recent events. We will be back aboard somewhere off Washington with the next post. It has been an interesting couple of weeks....

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part V

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(Blog post for Part 4) As of mid-November, 2015 the planking was finished, the seams were being corked and puttied and the interior decking was installed, sanded and finished. By late-November we finally began building bulkheads and finishing the plumbing rough-in. Our engineer...

MV Westward Featured in Juneau’s Capital City Weekly

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016 A piece of Southeast history By Mary Catharine Martin | Capital City Weekly Once upon a 90-year distant time, the M/V Westward carried cruise ships passengers hunting humpback whales, mountain goats and brown bears through Alaska’s waters. Almost 100...

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part IV

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(Please blog post for Part 3) Like any major project this one continued to grow and morph until the final accounting of what was done has only a superficial similarity to what was originally planned. The sole reliable element is that it will take longer and cost more than anyone,...
MV Westward Installing the new Keel

Westward’s Big Boatyard Adventures Part III

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(Please see last week’s blog post for Part 2) The gentleman who sold me the boat had no idea that the recent work done prior to his Pacific voyage would be in this condition. He and I both assumed that this area of the boat was the one place I didn’t need to worry about, so I...